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York Peninsula Field Days 24th-26th September

  Bio-tech Organics booth at the York Peninsula Field Days, Paskeville, South Australia

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Pyro Ag + Microbials aid re-growth in avocado trees.

Grower is amazed at regrowth in his avocado trees. An avocado grower from Robinvale Victoria was surprised to see a dramatic turnaround of his avocado trees which were suffering from disease. After applying Nutri-Life Bam along with Bio-Tech’s Vermiboost liquid vermicast concentrate via fertigation, a 5 litre per hectare application of Pyro Ag seemed to … Continue reading "Pyro Ag + Microbials aid re-growth in avocado trees."

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Chillis respond to correct nutrients

Riverland greenhouse grower Nirmal Singh had a problem with his chilli crop with poor growth and production. After soil analysis we found the soil required some adjustments to the nutrients being applied to the crop, via drippers. After being told his crop needed more insecticides and fungicides we suggested to him that this was not … Continue reading "Chillis respond to correct nutrients"

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