Pyro Ag + Microbials aid re-growth in avocado trees.

Grower is amazed at regrowth in his avocado trees. An avocado grower from Robinvale Victoria was surprised to see a dramatic turnaround of his avocado trees which were suffering from disease. After applying Nutri-Life Bam along with Bio-Tech’s Vermiboost liquid vermicast concentrate via fertigation, a 5 litre per hectare application of Pyro Ag seemed to … Continue reading "Pyro Ag + Microbials aid re-growth in avocado trees."

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Chillis respond to correct nutrients

Riverland greenhouse grower Nirmal Singh had a problem with his chilli crop with poor growth and production. After soil analysis we found the soil required some adjustments to the nutrients being applied to the crop, via drippers. After being told his crop needed more insecticides and fungicides we suggested to him that this was not … Continue reading "Chillis respond to correct nutrients"

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Microbe Mastery

Microbe Mastery – Inoculums for Disease Management & Nitrogen Fixing The use of biological inoculums in farming amounts to re-charging the life force in the soil to reap the benefits of a new, task-specific workforce. There are specific inhibitory bacteria or predatory fungi that are the mainstay of resilient soils and plants. The six organisms … Continue reading "Microbe Mastery"

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Tri-Kelp™ – A Multi Purpose Marvel

  If you have yet to discover the many benefits of kelp in agriculture, then do yourself a favour and experiment with foliar spays or soil applications of liquid seaweed in your particular crop. There are now no cost limitations upon the use of kelp because the introduction of Tri-Kelp™ Soluble Seaweed Powder from NTS … Continue reading "Tri-Kelp™ – A Multi Purpose Marvel"

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The Humate Phenomenon

Humates are the most exciting input for the increase of productivity and profitability in agriculture since the advent of commercial nitrogen. What began as a critical tool in biological agriculture has rapidly become an essential performance enhancer in all types of growing enterprises. What is all the noise about, and should you be investigating this … Continue reading "The Humate Phenomenon"

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Silica – Strength, Resilience, Immunity

A major mineral is missing in many soils and most soil tests do not even monitor its presence. This mineral can increase stress resistance, boost photosynthesis and chlorophyll content, improve drought resistance, salt tolerance and soil fertility and prevent lodging. lt can also reduce insect pressure, frost damage and destructive disease while lowering irrigation rates, … Continue reading "Silica – Strength, Resilience, Immunity"

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NEW PRODUCT!!! Bio- Char Stock Lick Blocks

Now available, Bio-Tech Bio Char Stock Lick Blocks for those farmers who know about the benefits of feeding Bio Char to their stock. Why drench with Bio Char when you can simply put out a few Bio Char stock lick blocks and let the stock help themselves. Feeding Bio Char to stock helps improve gut … Continue reading "NEW PRODUCT!!! Bio- Char Stock Lick Blocks"

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FERBON® FF50 Bio-Humate

The ultimate choice for increased yields Ferbon® FF50 Bio-Humate has been used in Bio-Tech Organics pre-plant prescription fertiliser blends for over 20 years now, with exceptional results for many farmers. The photos below demonstrate the difference between incorporating the product before planting or not using it and relying on chemical fertilisers to grow a crop. … Continue reading "FERBON® FF50 Bio-Humate"

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Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria in Viticulture – Now a Real Option Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Explained Nitrogen fixing bacteria are single celled organisms that are essentially miniature urea factories, turning N2 gas from the atmosphere into plant available amines and ammonium via a specific and unique enzyme they possess called nitrogenase. Although there are many bacteria in … Continue reading "Twin N™   NITROGEN-FIXING BACTERIA"

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South Australian agribusiness supplier & Eco-Ag consultants Bio-Tech Organics, is a pioneer in carbon-based farming methods, having commenced operations in 1990 selling fish fertilisers and humate based materials to local horticulture growers in South Australia. The company runs a Biological Farming Centre in Virginia on the Northern Adelaide plains, providing farmers with state-of-the-art carbon-based fertiliser products, specialist biological inputs and practical knowledge in sustainable farming systems developed by the company over 26 years. Read More →
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