How much does it all cost?

Bio-Tech Organics supplies a vast range of products which are used in the amelioration of soils and for the on-going supply of nutrients to growing crops. As the makeup of soils are nearly always different from each other, it is impossible to determine how much a program will cost without a soil test, as there are many considerations in determining the inputs required. Bio-Tech Organics can supply written quotations on programs and on-going inputs after a comprehensive soil test.

For those wishing to experiment for themselves using various ‘off the shelf’ products there are many ‘generic’ products for use and also some crop-specific products on offer. Bio-Tech staff are on hand to assist with the selection of the correct or best product for the task at hand. A simple phone call to our Biological Farming Centre or email is usually all that is required.

Fertiliser programs can vary from as much as $100 per hectare up to several hundred dollars per hectare, depending on required elements and the types of products used in the programmes, particularly prescription blends.

What do I need?

Materials that are needed will be determined by the results of a comprehensive soil analysis, which will outline deficiencies and excesses and the correct inputs required for adjustment.

How long does it take to have a blend made?

Prescription blends are normally available for delivery around 5-7 working days from the order date. This may vary slightly, depending on the availability of items required in the blend.

Humus, Humates, Microbes, Minerals & More!

What about the freight?

Freight is a seperate issue and is generally charged to the customer directly, by the freight company assigned to deliver the goods.

How long does a soil test take?

After the lab has received the samples, a soil test normally takes around 10 working days for the results to come back, after which the soil reports are then made available to the customer. The results are then emailed or posted back to the agent concerned or directly to the customer, depending on the circumstance.

Can a consultant visit my farm and is there a charge for this?

Farm visits can be arranged with a phone call, where a mutually convenient time can be determined. There is no charge for this service, unless you are an interstate or overseas customer. Consultants do not work weekends.

Can I mix chemicals such as insecticides and fungicides with your products?

Most of our products are compatable with insecticides and fungicides, however, the longer term goal of our programmes is to minimise or even eliminate the use, where possible, of poisons within the food chain.

What do I need to start?

All that is usually required is a simple soil test to determine input requirements. If a soil test has been done recently, then a copy can be faxed to our warehouse or office and a program will be worked out from that test. Alternatively, a soil testing kit can be sent out for the farmer to collect the samples and post to the lab, where the results will be made available in around ten working days.

Do you supply organic certified products?

Bio-Tech has one of the largest range of certified products for use in organic and bio-dynamic farming systems. Along with these products there are numerous allowable inputs according to IFOAM standards, available also.