Pyro Ag + Microbials aid re-growth in avocado trees.

Grower is amazed at regrowth in his avocado trees.

An avocado grower from Robinvale Victoria was surprised to see a dramatic turnaround of his avocado trees which were suffering from disease. After applying Nutri-Life Bam along with Bio-Tech’s Vermiboost liquid vermicast concentrate via fertigation, a 5 litre per hectare application of Pyro Ag seemed to bring the trees back to life in only 4-5 weeks.

Being a significant bio stimulant to soil microbes in very weak solutions, Pyro Ag has the ability to increase colony-forming units of beneficial bacteria dramatically in a short period of time. This dramatic increase in plant growth promoting bacteria helps plant root systems receive increased nutrient supply with benefits to plant growth.

The following pictures shows the amazing results of this stimulus.






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