Pyro Ag™ (Pyroligneous Acid)

Pyro Ag™ has been shown to dramatically increase beneficial plant growth promoting bacteria, many of which are nitrogen-fixing, disease suppressing and nutrient recycling organisms. Pyro Ag™ is a versatile additive for all sprays, fertiliser applications, pre-plant soil preparations, seed inoculation, pre-plant root dip, soil bio stimulant, compost accelerator and much more!

Available in 20L, 200L & 1000L



Pyro Ag™ (Pyroligneous Acid) is a natural extract from the combustion of wood, more commonly known as ‘wood vinegar’. A by-product of Bio Char manufacture, Pyro Ag™ is a versatile liquid used to maximise seed germination, feed and grow healthy microorganisms, promote healthy growth of plants and improve crop yields, increase the natural resistance to plant pests and diseases, enhance fertiliser use, lower soil pH and increase composting activity.

Applied at 1:500 – 1:200 every 2-3 weeks. A clean, high quality product for modern agricultural practices. Approved for organic production including NOP, ACO, NASAA.


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