Plano Neem Oil™

PLANO, Plant Needs Neem Oil , is a Natural product extracted from neem seeds, it contains sulfur, proteins, glycerides and trace elements. Recommended for all crops, seeds and seedlings.


  • PLANO is a natural product , so it is safe to soil , plant and environment.
  • PLANO, once it is applied, will be absorbed quickly through the root systems and flows through xylem trans locating throughout the plant vascular system
  • PLANO contains glycerides  and lipids , so it helps in following ways,
    • Lipids serves as storage of metabolic activity
    • Protection against dehydration and pathogens
    • Carrying of electrons and absorption of lights
    • PLANO contains sulfur and vitamins , which helps the plants to supply nutrients directly.
    • PLANO helps in oxidation of soil and creates more aerobic condition.
    • PLANO will detoxify and helps in balancing the soil ph and also to flush excess salt from the soil.


Being an oil, PLANO will not mix 100 percent in water, so it needs an emulsifier to get the oil to mix with the spray or fertigation water.
Nutri-Tech Tsunami™ is an excellent surfactant/emulsifier to add to Plano. Only 10-20mls in 100ltrs is needed to get a thorough mix.
Fertigation: Premix PLANO and Tsunami before adding it to the main tank . Once a proper premix is achieved, add the mixture to a fertigation tank and  add more water till it reaches a milky solution . Please note, if the oil particles still float on top of this mixture then  PLANO is not diluted properly, so you may need more emulsifier and mixing, before letting it go through a spray unit or fertigation system.


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