NTS Path-X™

Sometimes in biological agriculture it is necessary to “clear the decks” before repopulation with beneficials.

Available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L & 1000L



Path-X™ is a revolutionary new concept in pathogen control, utilising a patented Quaternary Ammonium Compound. It can be a valuable tool in a variety of situations. Path-X™ is registered for use as a foliar spray on flower crops to control disease organisms and to manage pathogens in irrigation water (non-food crops only).


•Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI (Restricted).

•Cleans and sanitises in a single operation.

•Does not oxidise as long as it remain in solution.

•Effective over a wide pH range.

•Leaves no unwanted residues on the leaf surface.

•Effective against a range of fungi and bacterial pathogens.

•APVMA Approval Number: 53331

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