NTS Nutri-Life TrichoShield™

Beneficial fungi to improve the balance between desired and undesirable micro-organisms on the leaf surface and in the soil.

Available in 1Kg & 5KG



TrichoShield™ is a talc-based formulation containing the beneficial fungal species Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma lignorum and Gliocladium virens, and the plant growth promoting, bio-balancing bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Trichoderma is also a root growth promoter.


•Biological Farmers Association (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.

•Root-zone balance is coupled with plant growth promotion associated with Trichoderma metabolites.

•Seed & seedling treatment creates a favourable growing environment with a variety of plant health benefits.

•TrichoShield™ can be applied to seeds, transplants, bulbs, cuttings, grafts and established crops.

•A powerful probiotic.

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