Nutri-Key Magnesium Shuttle

All crops should be supplemented with magnesium regardless of the soil levels.

Available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L & 1000L



Magnesium is a central component of chlorophyll and as such it is required at luxury levels for all crops. In most leaf tests we analyse, magnesium is required and it should be an integral part of all crop programs.


•Magnesium is the core component of the chlorophyll molecule and is necessary for the synthesis of amino acids, vitamins, oils and sugars.

•Sequesters, chelates and delivers more nutrition than previously possible.

•Small molecular size increases chelation speed.

•Reduced stability problems.

•In soil situations, Nutri-Key Magnesium Shuttle™ can continue to operate beyond the original quantity dosed, complexing and converting other dormant cations into usable plant foods (especially with low microbial activity).

•Also serves as a carbohydrate-based microbial promotant.

•All of the Shuttle™ range contains ‘background nutrients’ to avoid the problems which can occur when correction of one shortage triggers other shortages due to the antagonistic effect of certain elements.

•Magnesium regulates the update of many elements and is vital for seed germination.

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