Nutri-Key Iron Shuttle

Chlorophyll management is closely related to iron availability.

Available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L & 1000L



Iron is the most abundant element, but this reluctant element is often not plant available. Iron plays a major role in maintaining the maximum green required for high-production photosynthesis. Nutri-Key Iron Shuttle™ offers chelated iron in a balanced formulation which covers the full spectrum of background nutrition.


•Iron is essential for the manufacture of chlorophyll, the sugar producing green pigment in plants.

•Features all of the standard Shuttle™ benefits.

•Chelated iron is an essential if iron is required, as sulfate-based iron is a notorious leaf burner.

•To the best of our knowledge, Nutri-Key Iron Shuttle™ features the highest chelated iron percentage ever produced.

•Iron increases leaf thickness.

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