NTS Phos- Force

Fertiliser response is often a function of the energy released from a mineral combination rather than from the actual fertiliser. There is no greater energy release than that achieved when calcium and phosphate are combined in soluble form.

Available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L & 1000L



When calcium and phosphate are combined, an insoluble compound called tri-calcium phosphate is the usual result. In this breakthrough product, NTS have overcome the insolubility barrier, utilising advanced fusion technology to stabilise these incompatibles in a fully soluble form. The result is a powerful, phosphate-based liquid fertiliser with excellent brix-building capacity. Phos-Force™ also contains nitrogen and potassium to offer a balanced package of the most productive chemical quartet in agriculture.


•Exceptional brix-building capacity.

•Enhances calcium and phosphate utilisation.

•Improved photosynthesis.

•Improved & earlier root development.

•Promotes vigour and plant health.

•Improves taste and shelf-life increases protein and dry matter.

•Contains potassium and nitrogen in a high-performance formulation, designed specifically for foliar fertilising

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