NTS Nutri-Phos Super Active™

Bioavailable micronied Phosphorus and Calcium for liquid application.

Availabe in 25KG


Nutri-Phos Super Active™ contains 12.6% phosphorus and 28.9% calcium in combination with good trace element levels. Micronisation provides rapid-release characteristics making it an excellent option for inclusion at planting. A sustained-release portion helps ensure adequate phosphate supply throughout the season.


  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
    Registered Input for Organic Production
  • Micronised powder suitable for liquid
  •  An economical, freight-friendly alternative
    to liquid formulations.
  • Ideal for growers seeking a citrate-soluble phosphate kick-start.
  •  Combines rapid-release characteristics
    with a slowly available pattern, to ensure
    adequate phosphate supply throughout the

Nutri-Phis Super Active PDF


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