NTS Digest-Ease™

Digest-Ease™ is a powdered superfood produced with a patented slow drying technology. This technique protects the huge number of beneficial organisms and fragile vitamins and enzymes it contains.

Available in 450g




100 trillion beneficial micro organisms should inhabit the full length of the 30-foot digestive tract from mouth to anus, proliferating in the large intestine. In many cases an enzyme-depleted diet of processed foods rains down upon a biological terrain sadly lacking in enzyme-producing organisms.

  • Contains pre-digested amino acids and other nutrients.
  • Includes a rich lode of digestive enzymes crucial for nutrient uptake.
  • Features massive numbers of enzyme-producing gut organisms.
  • Contains prebiotics – materials that enhance beneficial intestinal flora.
  • Includes the many benefits of pre-digested wheat grass & barley grass.
  • A gentle dehydration process maximises probiotic activity.


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