Mapleton Nitro Guard™

Nitro-Guard contains the same proven nitrogen-fixing species as Twin N but with extra Bacillus strains to aid root vigor and tolerance to some root pathogens. Both the Twin N species and the Bacillus strains produce plant growth factors, (especially auxins) that improve root growth, whilst the Bacillus species produce anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds which can reduce symptoms associated with tree crop diseases like phytophthera and similar problems.

Available in 1ha, 5ha, 10ha & 100ha



Microbial Inoculum Technology, putting science into sustainability.
Fix nitrogen
Release bound phosphorus
Improve root vigor
Increase resistance to root pathogens

Nitro-Guard will supply nitrogen steadily to the crop during the season, improving yields and reducing nitrogen costs and its’ related carbon footprint


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