Mapleton Catapult®


Increase profits in Winter Cereals and Pastures
Reduce P fertiliser costs
Improve crop P status
Access bound P in soil banks
Increase yields
Increase profitability
Increase drought tolerance

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What is CataPult®?

CataPult® Power Inoculum is a high grade crop inoculum containing VAM plus 2 species of Bacillus microbes to increase cereal yields and pasture productivity. The P solubilising Bacillus species in CataPult® colonise the roots and the soil near the roots and solubilise P that is unavailable because it is bound. Many soils have large amounts of P accumulated but unavailable. CataPult® can release some of this bound P for crop growth. That’s the RELEASE part of the technology. VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae) colonise the roots and send out a large network of hyphae (filaments) that extend out well beyond the root hair zone. These hyphae collect P and N plus Ca, Mg, Zn and other micronutrients and deliver them back into the plant. They also help finding water in dry seasons. That’s the CATCH part of the technology As well as solubilising bound soil P, the Bacillus species drive very strong root growth soon after germination and into early crop growth (see later pages). This improves nutrient and water capture and helps crops cope with early crop water stress. Improved water capture in an early dry spell avoids growth checks that can limit later yield potential. The VAM and Bacillus both stimulate nodulation in legumes and pasture legumes benefit strongly from CataPult® application.

The combination of phosphorous RELEASE & CATCH TECHNOLOGY microbe and VAM species in easy to use powder inoculant format makes
CataPult® a must have products for serious cereal growers and pastoral producers.


CataPult® is supplied as a powder for liquid applications.
CataPult® should be applied to cereals at planting or soon after because good P nutrition is critical in early crop development to maximise yield potential.
• Apply CataPult® at planting via liquid injection or centre pivot
• Apply CataPult® after emergence via any fertigation system (centre pivot etc) or by knifing into crop roots.

For pastures apply CataPult® annually after start of active pasture growth or any time during the growing period. Apply by centre pivot or apply by boom spray before rain. The inoculant needs to be washed down into the roots so use a very coarse nozzle.
Reducing P fertiliser applications.
• For low input crop systems – maintain low rates of P fertiliser and CataPult® will make it work like a higher application rate
• For higher P fertiliser rate crops – reduce P fertiliser by 25 %. Note that in the following wheat trial both yields and profits were highest in the 50% DAP treatment. VAM work best in a slightly lower P environment.


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