Life Force Micro-Force Home Pack™

Brew your own beneficial soil and plant microbes



Pack contains: 20 g Micro-Force Microbes, 300 mL Life-Force Liquid Microbe Food

Features species of beneficial bacteria and species of soil-friendly fungi. Microbial inocula have rapidly become an exciting feature of biological agriculture. Life Force® Micro-Force™ is a new product for the home gardener. Life-Force® Micro-Force™ is a proven performer in this arena and includes species of beneficial soil bacteria and species of ‘friendly’ fungi.

The bacterial species make nutrients available and supply natural nitrogen. They improve soil structure and moisture retention and the fungal species convert plant residues to humus. Several of the Micro-Force™ microbes are plant growth promoters.


•Promotes plant growth.

•Improves soil structure.


•Rapid humus production.

•Increases phosphorus availability.

•Improves nutrient recycling.

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