Hot Mix N-P-K

When N-P-K is combined in this manner, the end product is vastly different from the conventional.

Available in 5L, 20L & 200L



High analysis pH buffered liquid potassium complexed with citric and fulvic acids. K-Rich™ is specifically designed for foliar fertilising fruit, vegetable and grain crops during the potassium-hungry fruit/seed-fill stage.


•Biological Farmer of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.

•Fruit/Seed size is potassium dependant. Over 75% of leaf tests reveal inadequate potassium levels at the critical fruit/seed-fill stage.

•A high concentration of pure potassium in an organic acid base

•Helps overcome lockups.

•Reduced risk of burning.

•Enhances photosynthesis.

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