Ferbon FF50 Bio-Humate™

The Maddingley mine in Baccus Marsh is where the brown coal is mined, in preparation for the production of Ferbon FF50 Bio-Humate.

Prescription blends are formulated using FF50 as the base, combined with ingredients like aglime, basalt rock fines, ammonium sulfate, magnesite, gypsum or organic manures, organic composts etc.

Soil testing is critical to knowing the requirements needed to ameliorate soils.

Adjusting the balance of the major cations along with improved carbon levels, is an important step in correcting non performing soils.

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Ferbon FF50 Bio-Humate is a unique soil life enriching blended product, specially formulated for commercial operators who are seeking to enrich their soil’s fertility.
Ferbon’s FF50 Bio-humate® Soil Conditioner out lasts composted organic materials or animal manures by up to 18 months, with depletion time over 2 years. FF50 is a high quality fertility improver, supplying stable humus, fulvic acid and humic acid components increasing soil buffering capacity and nutrient uptake. FF50 is ideal to combine with conventional composts to dramatically increase the humic and fulvic acid content, as conventional composts are extremely low in life-raising humic & fulvic acids due to short term composting time frame. FF50 is also ideal to combine with synthetic fertilizers prior to planting to maximize up take with less leaching and greater moisture retention over a much longer period, dramatically improving plant growth. FF50 holds up to four times its’ own weight of moisture on a dry basis and is an excellent home base for nitrogen-fixing and phosphate releasing micro-organisms. FF50 is  multiple strains of beneficial fungi and inoculated with several strains of Bacillus. FF50 contains >200kg per ton of Humic Acid.


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