Farm Saver Multi Plex

A 10 -10 -10 NPK complete liquid fertiliser with chelated trace minerals, bio- stimulants and plant growth promoters.

Available in 20L, 200L & 1000L



Multi-Plex™ is a liquid fertiliser to improve overall plant and soil health. It consists of a super, plant-available NPK combined with luxury levels of the key trace elements utilising the Shuttle Chelation™ technology. Multi-Plex™ also contains soluble kelp, triacontanol, liquid vermicast and fulvic and amino acids for optimum nutrition.


•Healthy, vigorous growth.

•Improved root structure.

•More even fruit size and better colour.

•Early maturity.

•Increased yield and quality.

•Better taste and shelf life.

•Broad spectrum nutrition and plant growth promotion.

Farm Saver Multi Plex PDF


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