Cocoji™ is the ultimate antioxidant food containing whole organic, Tibetan Goji Berries dipped in Delicious Premium Dark Chocolate. A guilt-free indulgence combining two of the world’s most powerful ‘defence foods’.

Available in 125g, 250g &500g



“It is widely accepted that free radical damage is linked to all of the degenerative diseases and it is the primary cause of ageing. Antioxidants may neutralise free radicals so our wellbeing and defence capacity is strongly influenced by our intake of antioxidants.”


•Offers a nutrition-rich indulgence. Tasty treats are rarely so beneficial!

•Oxidative stress is part of modern life so antioxidant-rich food is essential.

•20 g per day is equivalent to the recommended antioxidant intake of 5000 ORAC points.

•“Defensive eating” is a simple, proactive strategy.

•Tibetan Goji berries contain the highest level of supportive carotenoids of any food.

The scientific measurement of antioxidant value is called the ORAC score. Blueberries were originally top of the ORAC charts with a score of 2500 and prunes were the leading dried fruit with a score of 5500. This was until the discovery of the tremendous antioxidant content of Tibetan Goji berries and the surprising supportive potential of dark chocolate. Dried Goji berries have an ORAC score of over 25000 while dark chocolate scores a remarkable 13000.


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