Cloak Spray Oil

A spreader/sticker/synergist to improve foliar fertiliser response.

Available in 1L, 5L, 20L & 200L



An organic blend of emulsified, cold-pressed canola oil and highly penetrative Omega-3 fish oil. Cloak™ is a high quality spreader/sticker synergist which can improve the performance of all foliar fertilisers.


•Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.

•Increased target penetration – the natural oils bond with the leaf surface, magnifying the penetration of the spray.

•Drift reduction – the uniformity of droplet size reduces the very fine droplets associated with drift.

•Odour reduction – the oil coats the spray droplet to minimise evaporation of volatile compounds.

•Improved spreading capacity – can be utilised to help overcome the problem of beaded droplets on waxy surfaces. Instead, the spray is evenly spread over the entire treated surface in a thin film.
•Rainfast enhancement – natural oil qualities ensure that the spray is rainfast immediately after application.

•Increased systemic response – the Omega-3 oil is highly penetrative, helping to push foliar nutrients into the plant.

•Neutralising unsuitable spray conditions – drizzle, wind and dew should not be such a problem.

•Ingredients in the Omega-3 fish oil appear to contribute to a plant health response when using Cloak™.

Note: This product is not registered for use with agricultural chemicals including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

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