Bio-Tech Organics

Bio-Tech Organics in conjunction with Soil Value (Nutri-Tech Solutions) is now offering farmers a soil testing service through the Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL), located in Lismore, NSW. Bio-Tech Organics believes the analytical results of one of the most cost effective laboratories in the country to be both accurate and reliable, with a fast turnaround time of approximately 10 working days.

Soil testing information is available from our Biological Farming Centre (ph:8380 8554) where we can email the relevant forms to you on request. Cost for a full analysis is around $100.00 + gst (conditions apply) The full soil analysis includes: all major and secondary elements, TEC (total exchange capacity) and base saturation percentages of the cations.

On completion of the test and with results in hand a program can then be instigated in relation to the crop being grown.

A Plant tissue analysis is also available. For more details just call our Biological Farming Centre.