How much does it all cost?

Bio-Tech Organics supplies a vast range of products which are used in the amelioration of soils and for the on-going supply of nutrients to growing crops. As the makeup of soils are nearly always different from each other, it is impossible to determine how much a program will cost without a soil test, as there are many considerations in determining the inputs required. Bio-Tech Organics can supply written quotations on programs and on-going inputs after a comprehensive soil test.

For those wishing to experiment for themselves using various ‘off the shelf’ products there are many ‘generic’ products for use and also some crop-specific products on offer. Bio-Tech staff are on hand to assist with the selection of the correct or best product for the task at hand. A simple phone call to our Biological Farming Centre or email is usually all that is required.

Fertiliser programs can vary from as much as $100 per hectare up to several hundred dollars per hectare, depending on required elements and the types of products used in the programmes, particularly prescription blends.