NEW PRODUCT!!! Bio- Char Stock Lick Blocks

Now available,

Bio-Tech Bio Char Stock Lick Blocks for those farmers who know about the benefits of feeding Bio Char to their stock.

Why drench with Bio Char when you can simply put out a few Bio Char stock lick blocks and let the stock help themselves.

Feeding Bio Char to stock helps improve gut health, reduce methane emissions and improve overall mineral health.

Numerous reports have shown that the use of Biochar in stock feed has resulted in weight gain increases, along with reductions in methane emissions from fed stock.  Manure odour and gut health improvements lead to better overall health of livestock. Studies show improved weight gain, improved wool quality, increased dung beetle populations, and better soil health for crops and pastures.

Bio-Char stock lick blocks are an ideal supplement where stock may be lacking in essential minerals and nutrients.

Some of the benefits from these supplements include: improved digestion and food conversion, improved weight gain – trials show >17%. Wool production showed improved staple strength and wool quality. Strengthened immune systems . Reduced methane emissions and improved fertility.

Introductory Price per 22kg block $44.00 (inc gst)

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