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Quality spuds: Sid Ridenti 

2018 onion crop Ridenti Farms

Ridenti Farms potato crop Gawler River, South Australia








Sid- ‘Very happy with this season’s crop’







Trial spud crop for Bronte Mieglich

“Looking Terrific”.

Ryan Mieglich inspecting the Bio-Tech trial crop.

After years of frustration trying to grow premium potatoes for processing, Bronte Mieglich turned to Bio-Tech Organics for advise on changing to a more ‘biological’ approach to their farming methods. “Years of following traditional NPK and chemical inputs was sending us backwards” said Bronte. “We were at a stage where not much was working and we were becoming extremely frustrated and concerned that our programs were putting us on a slippery slope to nowhere”.

Bronte’s son Ryan commented that he had never seen such uniform growth, with large leaf size and row closure of the crop within a short number of weeks. He also said he had not seen such a uniform result on the tissue test, with all elements tested well within their respective parameters.


Bronte is extremely happy with the results of the trial program  Bio-Tech has put him on, where soil testing showed he required different soil amendments and pre-plant inputs, than he was used to. Phosphorus and  potassium were in excess on his soil test and were not included in his initial pre-plant applications. In fact potassium has not been added at all to date, yet the plant has luxury levels according to his latest tissue analysis.

Carbon was very low and calcium was also required. A combination of FF50, aglime, chicken manure compost, ammonium sulfate, Twin N, microbes and Pyro Ag were used, prior to, and just after planting. The next stage of growth requires Triple Ten, Shuttle-7 and Pyro Ag sprays to help with tuber bulking.

Bronte also says he has never seen so many ladybirds in his crop and to date hasn’t needed any insecticides. Also, whilst he was reluctant not to apply his conventional fungicides to his seed prior to planting he is astounded to find he has minimal to no disease (rhizo) on any stolons or tubers after using a biological approach to seed inoculation.

Our senior consultant John Norton is extremely happy with the Mieglichs results. “This is just another example of targeting the right inputs for the crop being grown, according to soil results, instead of just throwing out the N P K and chemicals.” says John. “In this crop we have not used any bagged synthetic fertiliser like potassium nitrate or calcium nitrate, MAP or DAP. We have put the emphasis on soil biology and carbon to feed and protect the crop. The results speak for themselves”.

Latest Crop

This is Bronte’s latest plantings (21/22)

PyroAg at 400mls:ha in furrow at planting.

One seed piece, six stems and over 20 spuds. Amazing result!

Row closure

Nutri-Life BAM, Vermi Boost and PyroAg at work.

Grower is extremely impressed with the result.