The new and exciting product ‘Pyro Ag’ is now being used by South Australian grain growers on Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, the South East and Mallee areas with great results. Reports coming in range from, ‘less to no snails, reduced insecticide use, reduced to no fungicide use, dramatic reduced nitrogen use and far less herbicide use’ after regular applications of this inexpensive bio stimulant.

Interstate growers are reporting similar results with sales rocketing in WA, Qld, NSW and Victoria. Growers are seeing very positive results to their bottom line after using the product on a regular basis.

Peter Winen’s Property in the Port Broughton/Mundoora district using Potassium Humate granules, Pyro Ag, Multi Plex Triple Ten and Nutri-Life BAM in his programs. Reduced snail populations is a plus, using Pyro Ag at 1:500 (200mls:ha) with all sprays, at around $0.75c/ha

Port Broughton farmers, Tony and Beav Hewett’s barley crop went 23 bags/acre. They are using Pyro Ag in their sprays every 2-3 weeks and are now seeing excellent results on all their crops with no fungicides used this season and a reduction in herbicide use .

Very few snails in their peas this season.