FERBON® FF50 Bio-Humate

The ultimate choice for increased yields

Ferbon® FF50 Bio-Humate has been used in Bio-Tech Organics pre-plant prescription fertiliser blends for over 20 years now, with exceptional results for many farmers.

The photos below demonstrate the difference between incorporating the product before planting or not using it and relying on chemical fertilisers to grow a crop.

Two farmers were offered Ferbon® FF50 Bio-Humate as the choice of organic material to use before planting their zucchini plants. These farmers were friends and had farms directly opposite one another, however one of them declined and went with his conventional approach (top).

The farmer who decided to apply the product used a handful of FF50 in the planting holes just before planting his zucchinis. Generally, FF50 is incorporated along the planting rows to maximise the area for greater root growth into the carbon and is applied anywhere from 1T-10T:ha. This application was around 1t:ha.

The benefit of using the FF50 Bio-humate material is self – explanatory as the bottom photo shows.

Using this product adds humic acid (for excess sodium buffering), beneficial microorganisms, trace elements, balanced pH and greatly improved soil moisture holding ability. The cation exchange capacity is enhanced and the retention of any synthetic salt-based fertiliser use is improved, so inputs can be reduced, maximising the effect of the input.

The product can be used as a base for prescription blends and mixed with any soil amendments ie, lime, gypsum, dolomite, organic matter, synthetic fertilisers etc, where soil tests indicate the need.

Growers can save dollars by reducing inputs, using less water and improving yields with this cost effective humate material.  For more information on Ferbon® FF50 Bio-Humate contact Bio-Tech Organics today, before planting your next crop.


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