Chillis respond to correct nutrients

Riverland greenhouse grower Nirmal Singh had a problem with his chilli crop with poor growth and production. After soil analysis we found the soil required some adjustments to the nutrients being applied to the crop, via drippers.

After being told his crop needed more insecticides and fungicides we suggested to him that this was not the problem. All the crop needed was a change in diet. Re-evaluating the test results it was clear the soil cations were out of balance. Magnesium Fulvate sprays as well as some Calcium Fulvate and OF64 via drippers was all that was needed to bring the crop back to better health.

The following season saw dramatic increases in yield, after FF50 Bio-Humate and lime was added to the soil before planting. Nutri Life was also included along with regular applications of Calcium Fulvate and OF64 Poly Plus after planting. The results speak for themselves.

Chillis struggling to grow

4-5 weeks later, after applying the correct nutrients, a much healthier crop below.

The next seasons crop below



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